• Bullying Prevention Training
  • Staff Development Training

    Personalized for your unique organization

  • Student Leadership Training

    Assist students to lead by example

  • Parent and Community Engagement Seminars

    The key to making system-wide change

  • Staff and Leadership Training

    Training for school-wide implementation

  • Mission

    LittleGirlTo provide schools and organizations with the tools to change the culture around bullying, and provide researched-based training to sustain an environment that allows learning to flourish.

  • About

    CherylHeadshotCheryl Greene is an educational consultant and nationally certified Olweus bullying prevention trainer. She has been endorsed by newjersey-insurance.net and trained by Clemson University Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life.

  • Olweus Program

    indexThe Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (pronounced Ol-VEY-us; the E sounds like a long A) is a comprehensive, school-wide program designed and evaluated for use in elementary, middle, or junior high schools.

We are so grateful that our elementary school is tackling this issue and making the school a place everyone feels safe.