One of the top management strategies in any organisation today is to go for quick exponential growth through improved skill levels of employees. Updating their knowledge about the latest technological innovations is a tried and tested method of enhancing staff efficiencies that no company can do without. This is one reason why staff development and leadership training programmes have today become an integral part of management strategies.

There are many facets to it – in-house training and deputing staff to external courses are the most common in this regard. However, most people and managers do not have much of an idea of how to go about conducting training schedules.

This is where we at come into the picture. Our blog spot is devoted exclusively to staff development and leadership training courses and our readers get a clear idea about the finer nuances of training. We invite contributions from professional bloggers who have an in-depth knowledge of the subject and have hands-on skill sets in structuring training for staff and employees.

What are we especially looking for in contributions from bloggers? Tell us about your experiences in this field and the areas of training that organisations should particularly stress on. If you are a training consultant write in about the dos and don’ts of structuring course materials, the approximate time frame of different programmes and how to make sure that the selected courses will later optimise the performance of employees.

One of the aspects that confuse the management of organisations is whether training should be held in-house or whether the employees should be deputed to external courses. Experts may write in about the pros and cons of both and in which situations one should be opted for over the other. Just making an employee go through routine training schedules is not enough, there should be an in-depth study on what programmes will maximise their efficiencies and what can contribute meaningfully to the growth of the organisation that they are in.

These are some of the areas that you can take up and write in to us. We at welcome all types of news, information, trivia and expert opinion about the world of staff development and leadership training.