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Auto Detailing

In today’s fast paced world the goal of any person would be to get over any activity quickly and effectively more so if it is not directly linked to generating and increasing productivity in any sphere. Take the example of repair and maintenance of your car. You would definitely prefer a one stop shop that offers all car services under one roof instead of having to go from garage to garage for various works. Doing so would mean loss of time and money. Hence service stations that offer comprehensive services to their clients are definitely a cut above the others and are generally patronised by a large number of loyal customers.

Take the example of Western Auto Services, a well known and reputed service station in Melbourne, Australia, catering to clients in the city and suburbs. There is hardly any service related to a car that they do not offer. With trained technicians in their ranks and hi-tech diagnostic and repair tools to work with, the garage is certified and accredited by the authorities to offer such specialised services as issuing roadworthy certificates and LPG conversions.

So what are the primary services that are offered by a garage that has combined the business of auto detailing and auto services?

Auto detailing – This is an aspect that is linked exclusively to the aesthetics of a vehicle and does not include any repairs or maintenance work. There are two sides to it –

  • Exterior detailing involves cleaning and restoring the exterior of the car to almost new dealer condition. The components that are focussed on include surface of the car paint with a glossy finish, windows, wheels, tyres and all chrome trim. Products used in the exterior detailing process are detergents, acid free degreasers, waxes, shines and polishes. These are applied to the car with brushers, applicators and towels.
  • Interior detailing is deep cleaning of the interior cabin of the car. Traditionally, the materials used in the interiors of a car cabin are vinyl, leather and synthetic carpet upholstery, natural and carbon fibre composites and plastics. Due to this wide range the materials and the cleaning techniques too vary greatly. Vacuuming, steam cleaning, liquid and foam cleaners are broadly used and applied with soft brushes.

Typically, detailing does not include any corrective action that needs the car to be taken to a body shop for repairs, even though minor paint restoration is considered to be a part of the process.

Auto services – This is directly linked to repairs and maintenance and comprises of a large number of varied services. Some of the main ones are –

  • Log Book Service – This should not be mixed with general servicing and check-ups as it is linked to maintaining the warranty of the vehicle. In Australia, contrary to popular belief, you do not have to take your car to your dealer for this work. Any certified garage is authorised to do it. Hence for log book service in Melbourne, you can take your car to an accredited service station in your locality who will undertake this job as per manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Mechanical repairs – This includes all types of accident repairs and smash ups, general check-up and change of parts if required. Top garages have state of the art tools and equipment to diagnose problems as well as carry out repairs on automated or semi-automated equipment. The technicians are trained to handle cars of any make or model.
  • Others – There are a host of other auto services offered by authorised garages such as air-conditioning services and regas, LPG conversions, package maintenance services and issuing roadworthy certificate after thorough evaluation of the vehicle.

One way to ensure that your car is always in the best of condition is to have it detailed, serviced or repaired from top of the line service stations only.

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