Impact of Technological Advancements on our Lifestyle

Technological Advancements

Just take a moment to look around you and observe the changes you notice in your lifestyle from say, a decade back. It is guaranteed that not many things are the same. This is because of the huge strides made in technological advancements that have touched every part of your lives. The rise of the Internet is the first defining factor, radically modifying the way you behave, pick up nuggets of information or even go on a shopping spree. Every sector, from health care to education, from beauty care to communication, literally nothing that affects your life has been left untouched. Whether everything has been for the better or for worse is a matter of debate but that lifestyles have been impacted – there can be not an iota of doubt about it.

What then are the key areas in which technological advancements have impacted lifestyles?

  • Travelling – Modern innovations have enabled people to move across national borders with ease and fast and have shrunk the world to a global village. From the times the first car rolled out in 1886 or the first powered flight took off in 1903, modes of travelling have improved at lightning speed. Today modern aircraft fly beyond the speed of sound and cars are going driverless. Traditional burning of fossil fuel has been replaced by clean electric power thereby reducing the adverse effects of global warming and pollution. Travelling times have been reduced by tunnelling through mountains and below the sea. Going distances now is no more a long and time consuming affair.
  • Beauty care – Not too long ago, even basic cosmetic surgeries were long drawn affairs requiring extensive downtime and recuperation periods. Today, invasive surgeries are mostly a thing of the past and skin rejuvenation processes and elimination of wrinkles and laugh lines with laser IPL machines are done in multiple sessions each lasting under an hour with no downtime. An Universal IPL assures permanent hair removal painlessly and quickly without any side effects, making redundant epilators, waxing or tweezing.

Take the case of tattoos which were once impressions that had to be carried around for life. However, go to a top of the line beauty clinic with a tattoo laser removal machine and any tattoo irrespective of its colour, size or ink density can be eliminated. Such advanced equipment is a by-product of latest technological innovations made in this field.

  • Communication – Nowhere has hi-tech advancements made a greater impact than in the area of communication. Email, satellite phones that work from remote corners of the world and the Internet have made communication quicker, easier and seamless across continents. Business meetings where executives had to travel long distances is no longer required – video conferencing, voice mails and Skype has taken the load off them, saving substantial time and money. It has impacted education and children today can avail of the Internet to gain in-depth knowledge in various fields of education.
  • Entertainment – Home entertainment systems have come a long way from the phonographs and the radio. The Internet can be directly accessed through LED TVs bringing entertainment from all corners of the planet directly into the living room without the need for a medium such as satellite antenna or a receiver. Music is now digital and the beat and tempo of a track can be adjusted with specialised software.

These are some areas where technological advancements have greatly affected and impacted lifestyles of the common man.

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