Technological Advancements in the Cleaning Industry

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Driverless cars, self check-out lanes, drones that deliver packages straight from the warehouses to customers – as the world moves to automated technologies and cutting edge solutions to most activities, can the cleaning industry be left far behind? At present this sector has seen large scale changes that have transformed traditional cleaning techniques into modern automated ones giving a fillip to its productivity levels.

Given here are some of the technological advancements made in this field.

  • Automated cleaning machines – Automated cleaning machines can now clean floors, windows and extract dirt and dust from even the tiniest of cracks and crevices. Consider these possibilities – there is a robot that is being used in hospitals and clinics around the world that can disinfect more than 64 rooms a day. In Europe it is not uncommon to find public restrooms that are self cleaned by robotic arms and ultraviolet light. These can disinfect toilets continuously round the clock and are now gradually being introduced in some US cities too. In homes, cleaning robots automatically read the terrain, get over obstacles and scrupulously clean even the most hard to reach places, leaving the house squeaky clean.
  • Automated janitorial services – Some sophisticated equipment and futuristic technologies are beyond the budget of most janitorial services but that has not stopped large corporations incorporating them in their cleaning budgets. Some like automatic scrubbers have made the most demanding cleaning tasks a lot easier. It has also helped reduce labour costs leading to savings in money which has largely been utilised by the cleaning industry to invest further in updating technologies and equipment.

Another area is the widespread use of Wi-Fi to control cleaning activities. Floor cleaning machines are fitted with this facility which reports automatically to managers on a large number of parameters. Data is uploaded to tracking authorities on cleaning done, productivity rates, maintenance needs and topping up of chemicals. The process of cleaning is thereby greatly optimised to give the best results and profits. Cleaning apps too are very popular today. Specialised janitorial software automates almost all activities from work scheduling to time tracking to renewal of contracts and even online project bidding.

  • Home cleaning services – This sector has not seen large scale automation because of its limited scope of operations. Take the case of mattress cleaning. Traditional methods have given way to use of powerful hepa extraction techniques that completely remove dust mites, skin scales and larvae from mattresses. Effective solutions help thoroughly clean the surface of mattresses as well as dust embedded in fine lines created by fabric fold. For more information visit mattress Cleaner. Pet urine or vomit was difficult to clean in the past and invariably left stains on expensive carpets. Today special spinners and dryers can remove any stain on carpets and upholstery.

These are some of the technological marvels that have been introduced in the cleaning industry now.

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